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Gronell is an Italian family firm that makes high quality walking boots, matching practical experience and testing with scientific research. They are especially known for durability and comfort.

Still made in San Rocco in the Lessinia since 1937 Gronell today holds an essential place in the manufacture of the finest walking and mountain boots. They still remember their past but continue to evolve, embracing new technologies; they were the first boot company to develop "Outdry" in walking boots for extreme conditions.

Gronell walking boots achieved a dominance in the UK market in the eighties and nineties with their traditional design philosophy, attention to detail, fit, comfort and longevity. Now in 2012 we have started to retail them again- direct to you. We have the following models available and we pride ourselves on keeping stock of all the sizes shown.

We only sell the walking boot models shown and cannot obtain other Gronell boots that you may already own.

Gronell Bosco tall walking boot
Gronell Bosco I870/21

The Gronell Bosco is a softer model than the Savana Evo.

£199.00 Select options
Gronell Crazy boot
Gronell Crazy E230/21

Gronell Crazy – much more than a shoe but half the weight of a hill boot

£139.00 Select options
Gronell Gardena Anfibio in green leather
Gronell Gardena Anfibio in green leather

Gronell Gardena Anfibio in green leather – ideal for all terrain use from mountain to moorland.

£176.00 Select options
Gronell Gardena Nubuck walking boot
Gronell Gardena Nubuck

Gronell Gardena Nubuck – we throw you in nikwax proofer with the sale.

£176.00 Select options
Gronell Gardena Nubuck Orange Flash
Gronell Gardena Nubuck Orange Flash

The Gronell Gardena Nubuck Orange Flash. For those with a more colourful disposition.

£159.00 Select options
Gronell Hunter pro shooting boot
Gronell Hunter Pro anf

Gronell Hunter Pro – The ideal boot for driven shooting.

£260.00 Select options
Gronell Lagorai walking boots
Gronell Lagorai walking boot

Lagorai – A new generation of walking boot from Gronell

£149.00 Select options
Gronell Ringle walking boot

Gronell Ringle offered here at a very special price for a limited period only

£115.00 £89.00 Select options
Gronell Savana Evo walking boots
Gronell Savana Evo

Gronell Savana Evo – a taller technical boot, leather lined for comfort

£220.00 Select options
Gronell Tibet walking boot
Gronell Tibet F139/24

The Gronell Tibet is a very similar construction to the Gardena with dualflex insole

£195.00 Select options
Gronell Valcamonica Shoe
Gronell Valcamonica B115/01

Valcomonica – the most comfortable and durable shoe you will ever own!

£149.00 Select options

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